Vent Genius

Smart Heat. Fresh Scent.

Jim & Gary were referred to Product Refinery by Scraps Golf. Both are successful businessmen and entrepreneurs that had never designed and manufactured a consumer product from scratch. They had built a rough PVC prototype of their dryer product, but needed assistance in getting a final product ready for market.

 We took their prototype and partnered with Pixel and Tinder, a local design firm, to execute the market research necessary to identify their ideal market. To develop the final product, we assisted in the initial 3D modeling and prototyping to build a viable version that would serve as the basis for manufacturing a large run.

With the research completed, we dove into the industrial design to create our final product iteration. Thereafter we prototyped the next generation and we hit some problems that impacted the user experience and the products functionality. To ensure that we had a brilliant product to bring to market, we simplified the final design, tested the results, and found success with our modifications.

To supplement the great product that we had built together we designed their brand, logo, and retail packaging that was delivered to them in a Brand Guidebook so that they could maintain and consistency manage their brand’s presence in the future.


In addition, Product Refinery helped source manufacturers domestically and overseas and eventually Jim and Gary decided to make the Vent Genius Completely in Ohio!

To get the Vent Genius team ready to enter homes all over the country, we wanted to help them create a recognizable and slick brand so that their solution would stand out.

We revisited their branding, packaging, and when everything was said and done, we left them with a great design, and the manufacturing support they needed to enter the market comfortably and reliably.

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Successfully Made In Ohio, USA

Vent Genius was produced 100% in Central Ohio.

Key Actvities

Because Product Refinery built the Vent Genius from the ground up, we needed to map out all of the activities that needed to take place to have a successful product launch. Not only did we have to produce the physical product, but the branding, messaging, and consumer engagement assets as well. To successfully implement each facet of the project, we needed to budget and strategically coordinate each component of the product’s market presence.