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Meet the Founders

Lucas Williamson

Design + Development + Manufacturing

Lucas Wiliamson is the ideal international manufacturing and supply chain asset for any business. After paying his dues with multiple products, small businesses, and start-ups, he is the agile and reliable addition that businesses need to get their ideas off the ground and successfully into the market. As an innovator, he goes beyond the traditional standards of product development and champions his client's ideas by not shying away from getting on the ground where his clients need him to be able to deliver and ensure optimal results on their behalf. Even going so far as to converting a 2001 Chevy Express van to allow himself an even more flexible lifestyle to cross the country and our national borders in pursuit of his customer’s manufacturing needs, he revels and embraces a free-form lifestyle to satisfy his need to get the job done right, even if it means being there to make sure it gets done to exceed his client’s expectations. Having shipped products to over 100 countries with his massive global manufacturing and supply chain network, Lucas Williamson is the man to get the job done right anywhere in the world.

Alex Rosa

Marketing + Engagement + Operations

Alex Rosa, a Digital Nomad and expert marketer by trade, is an international wunderkind when it comes to understanding consumer needs around the world. Having worked in various countries with start-ups and clientele from every corner of the world, he has developed his own globalist stratagem to appeal to any market. Through his multi-national work, he has been a resource for businesses to expand to markets far outside of the scope that his clients hadn’t even considered. His breadth of experience internationally makes him uniquely expert in international marketing and expansion because of his years spent working with start-ups and small businesses around the world. If there is a product that wishes to break into a completely different market to perpetuate growth, Alex is one of the few who already knows how it can get it done. Fluent in three languages and having traveled through over 100, he is the ideal partner to help bring any product to market, wherever that market may be.

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Partners In Product

When you’re on the grind for years gaining experience in multiple companies width a wide ranging variety of clients, it can sometimes be a whirlwind of a grind with seemingly no end in site. Like with any business, you have your highs and your lows, but too infrequently, you have perfect moments where the light bulb goes off and you can shed some light on the path ahead with more clarity than you have ever had before.

For us, that moment came in Thailand in 2019.

Lucas was taking a small break from working with his manufacturing partners on the way to visit and work with others. Alex had just started his year long adventure through Southeast Asia to write his book. After the better part of a decade of not having worked together since their shared time with startups in Columbus, Ohio, the two of us happened to be sharing some time on the same tiny island off the coast of Thailand in Koh Samui.

There, we discussed our previous career experiences, and realized that we were two sides of the same coin. Lucas, with his massive manufacturing network and supply chain management experience offered something to his clients that very few can. By being an active partner that works closely with his clients and not shying away from getting his hands dirty in the design and manufacturing of his clients’ vision, he was uniquely positioned to serve as a conduit for his clients to design, prototype, and manufacture their desired items no matter the scope. Alex, having worked with clients on branding, design, marketing, and messaging with clients all over the world, had a rare skillset in his ability to help bring products to market, no matter the demographic or country the desired market focused around.

With someone who could design elegant solutions and build a supply chain for clients and a partner that could help those same clients bring their vision, brand, and build meaningful engagement with the market of their choice domestically and abroad, the two set out to refine their own life and work experience to build The Product Refinery to continue their legacy of refinement by offering their skills and exclusive experience to clients all over the world.

Client Success Stories

Tom of Grypmat had a phenomenal idea, but he wasn’t sure how to move forward with sales and Kickstarter. We worked hard on refining the branding, found a better color scheme, and crafted stronger messaging. Now Tom has been funded by three sharks on Shark Tank and his product was on the cover of Times Magazine.

Read more about Tom’s story here.

Shaun had a great idea for a magnetic bottle holder to help make hydrating at the gym a less spill-prone experience. But he needed manufacturing, design, and marketing support to help start his first business and set up a supply chain that was more cost effective and agile. Now he’s launching into the global market with confidence.

Read more about Shaun’s story here.

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