We are Product Refinery

Idea-to-doorstep product development


Help founders build successful product businesses. 

We save creators like you, time and money by providing the essential services you need to get to market faster.

Our team of experts paired with our global network of manufacturers come together to support you and your product in getting to market. 

The hardest part about getting your product designed, made, and shipped around the world is knowing where to start.

With Product Refinery, you start with us and end with your own product business and supply chain established for years to come.


We streamline and simplify the process.

Design - We take your product concept and provide you with a rigorous analysis of the market to identify the form, function, and usability of your idea. Once we understand where your product will play, we will provide you with a series of manufacturable design concepts driven by your vision. Once you select your final design direction, we will provide you with the necessary digital assets to provide you with the economics around your product’s manufacture.

Make - With your product economics in hand, you will select the most appropriate strategy to get to market. Whether you need a prototype to woo investors or are ready to hit the ground running with your first production run, we’re in lock-step with you on your way to presenting your product to the world.

Ship - With production complete, and our suite of Quality Assurance and Inspection services, we will deliver your product to your customer’s doorstep with the most cost-effective and secure route we have at our disposal.

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As an end-to-end turnkey solution for product innovators, we trust in our essential services to ensure that every cent of your investment is kept within your budget and that your product meets your quality standards.

While we are the experts, we work together to provide you with more than just a product and its supply chain -- we’re here to help you build a sustainable business around your product vision.

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