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Your trusted partner for idea-to-doorstep product development.

    Are you ready to polish that brilliant idea?

    Our expert team will design a beautiful, viable product, construct a scalable supply chain and help you avoid costly mistakes and delays along the journey.

    Who We Are

    A global team of product development, manufacturing, and supply chain experts who are a scalable extension of your business.

    What We Do

    A catalyst for product businesses, we provide essential services to design, manufacture, and transport goods to your customer's doorstep.

    Our Services

    Industrial & Brand Design

    Prototyping & Manufacturing

    Global Logistics & Fulfillment Setup


    The idea may be in your head or on a napkin. Let our team help refine it into a digital concept, then into a 3D model, and get it ready for production.

    We take your product concept and provide you with a rigorous analysis of the market to identify the form, function, and usability of your idea. Once we understand where your product will play, we will provide you with a series of manufacturable design concepts driven by your vision.

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    Your product needs to be crafted and produced to exceed all expectations. Our experienced partners will ensure your vision becomes a reality.

    With your product economics in hand, you will select the most appropriate strategy to get to market. Whether you’re in need of a prototype to woo investors, or are ready to hit the ground running with your first production run, we’re in lock-step with you on your way to present your product to the world.

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    Your supply chain shouldn’t be a headache. Our streamlined process keeps your product on its way to your customers’ doorsteps.

    With production complete, and our suite of Quality Assurance and Inspection services, we will ensure delivery of your product the most cost effective and secure route we have at our disposal.

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    Our Process

    Our proven streamlined process will ensure your idea is developed into an amazing product that has the infrastructure and margins to scale into the global market.

    Recent Work

    We develop innovative consumer products. Durable goods, both hard and soft.

    Edge Golf Club Cleaner

    Seat Suite

    Outter Limits Gear

    SWSH Shooting Sleeve


    JOGO Coffee Straw

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    Turning brilliant ideas into viable businesses

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