Basketball Shooting Sleeve Training System

Christopher Spartz, founder of Spartz Sportz, created a basketball shooting sleeve system meant to assist basketball players better their shot mechanics and form. The sleeve system, featuring a strap that adjoins a user's elbows to keep them in place for proper shooting technique, is a concept that Christopher developed after decades playing professionally and coaching basketball players at all levels. The intuitive design allows players to train themselves to shoot more effectively and consistently and uses procedural memory to reinforce proper technique so players can find more success in games and ultimately score more. Because SWSH would be going directly to market, the consumer engagement strategy primarily focused on the community support of prominent professional basketball players and coaches to help engage consumers. To provide a luxurious VIP experience to their brand ambassadors, SWSH has a specially designed VIP box to ship a robust package offering.

Scope of Work

With the intention of bringing the product directly to market for direct to consumer sale, Product Refinery supported Christopher's launch by supporting both the production and manufacturing of SWSH's flagship product, packaging, and VIP boxes, as well as establishing their sales portal, consumer engagement strategy, digital content, social media presence, and fulfilment services.
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Key Actvities

Once the concept was presented, Product Refinery sourced the necessary materials, produced the patterns, and tested the assembly of the final iteration of the SWSH Shooting Sleeves.