Mindful Activity Prompt Card Deck

Self Care Adventure Cards

Jenni Kowal, a successful graphic designer and creative coach, designed a prototype of a card deck that would feature prompts for users to be able to better manage and sustain their self care regimen. The deck, featuring 5 different categories that puts emphasis on different aspects to consider when practicing self care, is a tool that can be used however the user chooses to do so.

Unlike many promoted self care routines, the Self Care Adventure Cards mitigate the stress and pressure to practice by allowing individuals to pick from over 150 different activities, suggestions, and self care ideas and decide for themselves whether the prompt is actionable, or relevant to the users immediate needs.

SCAC-2020-9931 (1)

Successfully Crowdfunded

$12,238 Raised on Kickstarter

To support Jenni in bringing the Selfcare Adventure Cards to market, Product Refinery was responsible for consulting her and her team through a launch on Kickstarter, provided redesigned final samples for sale, and build the manufacturing supply chain. In addition to the deck of cards, the Self Care Adventure Cards include an engraved wooden stand, a tarot cloth with a custom topographical design, instructional inserts, bookmarks featuring the 5 categories of self care she highlights in her deck, and is packaged in an elegant custom magnetic box.

Scope of Work

  • Product Design & Development
  • Brand Iconography, Language, and Visual Design
  • Supply Chain Construction