A new sping on golf

Scraps Golf Game

When we met Andy and Tommy they had a great high-resolution 3D-printed prototype of their 9-sided golf ball dice game. The design was rough and it needed refinement. 

Overall, the brand was weak and needed clarity. To get it up to par, pun intended, we worked with a designer and created dozen concepts that was refined to the current beloved brand.

We spent about 4 months trying to source a viable suppler to make these and we spoke with over a dozen manufacturers to make insure we had a great partner.

We finally landed on a production process and went through a few sample rounds to refine the number location and sorted out a series of matte to gloss finishes.

While production was underway,  we designed and sampled the packaging, and crafted the website. To build out the marketing arm we created the script for a video in collaboration with a video agency.

With everything firing on all cylinders we managed the entire first production run with our supplier to help with refinements and quality control.


Successfully Launched Online

A perfect DTC gift for golfers

While the Scraps Golf die is a simple enough product, the engineering that goes into building it is anything but. The design process took us through iteration after iteration until we found the perfect model to bring to our manufacturing partners to create en masse. To make sure that we could bring our client's vision to life, we scouted and vetted countless manufacturers to ensure a quality final product.

Scope of Work 

  • Product Design & Development
  • Brand Iconography, Language, and Visual Design
  • Packaging + Point of Sale Design
  • Trade show Design
  • Video Campaign Design + Management
  • Supply Chain Construction + Management
  • Product Manufacture + Quality Assurance
  • International Logistics + Freight
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