Smart Pop-up Shop Kiosk

PopCom, and CEO Dawn Dickson have designed a smart Kiosk and API that boosts marketing intelligence and consumer engagement. In short, the PopShop is an integrated smart vending machine fully compatible with PopCom SaaS. Dawn Dickson and her team at PopCom, together with Product Refinery, facilitated the industrial design, engineering, and construction of their new smart Kiosk, the PopShop. Product Refinery worked directly with Dawn and her team on a daily, and weekly, basis over the duration of the project plan to complete their flagship product.

Scope of Work

To build out the kiosk that would use the proprietary Popcom software. Product Refinery designed the kiosk housing and internal hardware to develop a working kiosk for B2B sale.
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Key Actvities

Product Refinery designed the housing for the PopCom system. Working with hardware engineers, Product Refinery oversaw the production of the internal mechanics and integration of the touch-screen operating system.