The ideal 2-1 backpack to secure your valuables and editables in any environment.

Outter Limits Gear
Vault Pack

Outter Limits Vaultpack is a two-part insulated backpack with internal storage vault that features modular shelves to make sure that anything you put inside stays safe and protected. Constructed with premium materials and a swappable set of exterior pockets, the Vaultpack is the durable and versatile backpack that is the perfect bag for any adventure outdoors or any environment where traditional backpacks and coolers can’t hack it.


Built for the Most Rugged Environments

Funded On Kickstarter

Having worked in mines in Wyoming the Vaultpack was the culmination of trying to find a way to keep the founder’s lunch from getting crushed and keeping it fresh in some of the toughest environments to work in. When Product Refinery took on the project, we focused on creating a backpack solution that would allow for the compartmentalization of vulnerable items alongside heavy duty gear. To accommodate the variability of needs for Outter Limit’s customers, we designed interchangeable exterior pockets to accommodate easy access to the most important items anyone would pack.

Scope of Work

  • Product Design & Development
  • Brand Iconography, Language, and Visuals Design
  • Tradeshow Design
  • Kickstarter Campaign Design + Management
  • Supply Chain Construction + Management
  • Product Manufacture + Quality Assurance
  • International Logistics + Freight