Kong Beer Bong

A portable can cooler + beer bong

Tristan and his partners developed a new device to keep beer bottles and cans cold and allow the user to drink swiftly. A spin on the traditional beer bong, the Kong Beer Bong is a beer can sized beer cooler that has a detachable hose that allows the user to bong a beer whenever and wherever the user wants.

Over the past few years Tristan and his team built a series of prototypes to refine their final design, and attempted to run a Kickstarter campaign to be able to afford the tooling for the first production run. Unfortunately, their attempt to crowdfund their project failed.

To give it another attempt, and ensure that they would be able to successfully run and manage a crowdfunding campaign, they partnered with Product Refinery to help them cut costs on the production of the Kong, build a clean and appealing crowdfunding campaign, and create a cost-effective supply chain to deliver their product to their awaiting backers. 


Product Refinery’s expert team consulted them to start smaller to ensure success and scale accordingly. To secure success Product Refinery helped them build a crowdfunding campaign specifically geared to fund their first production run and solidify their market validation and segment.

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Successfully Crowdfunded

$10,694 Raised on Kickstarter


Key Actvities

Because the Kong was on a tight timeline, Product Refinery only had one month to drive the campaign vision, campaign messaging, and all of the visual assets needed for an attractive crowdfunding campaign page on Kickstarter. During the development of the campaign, Product Refinery worked with international partners to build the supply chain as quickly as possible while still ensuring a premium quality final product.