The Coffer & Tea Brewing Straw

Jogo Coffee Straw

Inspired by the Argentinian Bombilla the Jogo Coffee Straw is designed to allow you to have your perfect cup of coffee without any additional filters or fussy brewing methods. The Jogo coffee straw is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy their coffee on a trail, in a van, or anywhere. Just drop in a scoop of coffee, add hot water, and enjoy your coffee or tea!


Funded over 37X on Kickstarter

Funded within 24 hours, and raised $378k+ from over 9,000 backers all over the world!

After having taken a trip through Argentina, the founders of Jogo Coffee straw came up with the idea to create a version of the traditional Argentinian Bombilla to create a straw capable of filtering coffee. We took the idea, and created a beautiful micromesh filter to ensure optimal flow, without letting any of the coffee grounds through to let users enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

Scope of Work 

  • Product Design & Development
  • Brand Iconography, Language, and Visual Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Kickstarter Campaign Design + Management
  • Supply Chain Construction + Management
  • Product Manufacturing + Quality Assurance
  • International Logistics + Freight