Bottle Caddy

Elastic Water Bottle Holder

Tom and Madison devised a concept that tackled the tedium of keeping your valuables together at the gym. They were frustrated with the fact that there were few viable solutions in the market that would allow a user to keep their phone, wallet, keys, and water bottle together without having one or more items scattered around the gym. To solve this problem, the team put together the concept of the Bottle Caddy, a slip-on caddy with pockets that has space for your wallet, phone, keys, and additional items of importance all neatly bundled onto your water bottle. Targeting gym enthusiasts and customers that find themselves in the position where carrying a bag is too cumbersome, Bottle Caddy is the perfect solution to keep the most important things tidy and close at hand.

Scope of Work

Product Refinery took the Bottle Caddy flagship product through all four pillars. Startin by designing and prototyping various iterations of the product, Product Refinery provided various samples, in different variations, to arrive at the final market-ready retail version that is available for purchase today.

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Key Actvities

Product Refinery developed dozens of product concept iterations, provided rapid prototyping services, and sampled iterations that would eventually become the final Bottle Caddy.