Alpha Jacket 

Travel features without sacrificing fashion

Dan Truong is an entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina. Dan and his business partners are preparing to launch a new travel jacket that features a variety of pockets and an integrated neck-pillow as the main feature.

To realize their vision we worked with Dan and his partners for over a year. Over the course of our partnership with Alpha Jacket, we refined the final design, built a final prototype, and sourced the best manufacturing partners to deliver an exceptionally resilient travel jacket with an extremely comfortable memory foam neck-pillow.

Lucas, on behalf of Product Refinery, personally traveled internationally on multiple occasions to work closely with our suppliers and ensure the premium quality of the final samples necessary for manufacturing.

Once the foundation of the supply chain was set, Product Refinery assisted Dan on building a crowdfunding campaign by facilitating the creation of the digital marketing assets, a campaign video, clear and attention grabbing messaging, and launched the official Kickstarter campaign page to attract backers. After successfully raising over $24,000 for the Alpha Jacket, Dan and his partners entered the travel jacket market with a phenomenal product, refined by Product Refinery.


Successfully Crowdfunded

$24,116 Raised on Kickstarter


Key Actvities

Provided creative direction for the brand and product. Aided in the selection of industrial design and sourcing partners for the final production run to deliver the Alpha Jacket for the Kickstarter campaign.