What Is a Great Product?

It’s hard to know what will be the next big thing. Sometimes the next big thing is something that takes years to develop and build from start to finish, and more often than not the next big thing is a fidget spinner. No matter the scope, a great product doesn’t need to have millions of capital from a Venture Capital firm and it doesn’t need to have everything perfect from the first outing. Take your phone for instance. Do you have the first one the company put out, or do you have the [phone brand] 8 or 9+, maybe even the 10?

No one gets the ideal version of their product right the first time unless you invented the Etch-a-Sketch, because let’s be honest, it’s still fun to mess
around with.

A great product is something that evolves over time and becomes better by refining what is already there, understanding how people use it, and taking the time to add new features as they are needed to define its product lifecycle. Products need time to develop in an active market place to see how they can be made better. Too many ideas that could have become great products get stuck in the idea phase so the product never gets a chance to grow.

It may seem silly, but what makes a great product is really just taking the time to take the steps necessary to bring a product to the people that can use it, and listening to what they have to say about it. You don’t have to spend a fortune trying to go for broke and build 5,000 units of something and then hoping the market will welcome you with open arms.

It’s about bringing your idea to the people and showing them how their lives could be made better with your idea. From there all you have to do is listen, refine, and build out the product that everyone would love to have. In the end, it takes a village, so don’t get down on whether or not your idea will be the next big thing, it’s more important that your idea is thing first, then it can go on
to be a great thing.

So if you think you might know how to catch lightning in bottle, have figured out a way to set fire to water coming out of the nozzle of a fire hose, and are flyer than swatters, then it’s time to take a great idea, and turn a pumpkin into a pimped out carriage for the ball, man.

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