Kong Sees Gorilla Sized Growth – Sponsors NASCAR

At Product Refinery we work with clients on a variety of projects. From innovative solutions for organization or creative products that make life a little easier, we don’t shy away from anything no matter the scope. And, as is the case with Kong Beer Bong, we definitely don’t shy away from anything that can guarantee a good time. From a great idea between friends to the senior project that became the flagship product of Lady Liberty Drinking, the Kong Beer Bong is definitely worth toasting to. With their growth, they have reached a massive milestone in their business and have sponsored the #20 NASCAR Truck, piloted by Spencer Boyd, for the Poconos Organics 150 to benefit Farm Aid at Pocono Raceway on June 27th, 2020.

Kong Team Celebrates successful fulfillment run.

In September 2019, we had the pleasure of partnering with Lady Liberty Drinking to — to produce and launch a Kickstarter for the Kong Beer Bong. A hybrid can cooler and a beer bong, we were able to design and manufacture a portable beverage consumption system for the average Joe that wanted to bring the party wherever they went. The team, students from the Ohio State University had previously tried to launch their creation on Kickstarter, but fell just shy of their goal to get it off the ground, so in an effort to ensure their successful market entry, they partnered with Product Refinery. 

With our support and guidance, the team was able to bring their product to the global market and  build a sustainable business that is their livelihood today. A mere four months since launching on KS, they have fielded thousands of orders, and have managed to continue their growth to now pursue a six-figure production run to deliver their Kong Beer Bong to eagerly awaiting customers. Along the way, they have been able to save thousands of dollars by having Product Refinery optimize their supply chain to ensure that they are getting the best quality for a budget that can sustain their continuous growth.

Thousands of Kongs waiting to be shipped.

As of June 2020, they are leaps and bounds ahead of where they were when they started and are delivering thousands of units to loyal fans all over the country. This weekend, with their brand adorning the #20 NASCAR Truck at Pocono Raceway, they are sure to engage even more fans and be the center of the party all weekend. Whether it’s coming together to celebrate, cookout, or watch the excitement of a NASCAR race from the infield, partying has always been a great experience, but the team at Lady Liberty Drinking found a way to make it better and empower their users to become the center of any party anywhere, and especially on race day.

To get your hands on a Kong and get in on the fun, visit www.kongbeerbong.com and make the good times great.