Keep your Point of Sales from becoming a POS

Being able to start your own business online has never been more accessible than it is today. There are seemingly endless tools that allow you to create an online storefront within a short afternoon spent clicking, dragging, and dropping the elements of your digital marketplace without ever having to know, or understand, a single line of code. Many of the platforms that allow you to build your shop will give you a basic layout and design of tried and true formulas that are serviceable solutions for your digital point of sales, but in a sea of clones, how do you make your shop standout?

Having a personal brand that is easily recognizable is the most important asset you have as a business owner. While your product may be similar to others, your brand should stand out as uniquely your own. It’s no surprise that there are a handful of mediocre products out there that would never have reached the level of success they have had without strong branding to help the product align itself within its targeted demographic.

When thinking of your brand, every element that goes into presenting your product, and your business, is crucial to determine the success of your sales and your overall growth potential. If you have ever been on a website for a product that you think might be worth consideration, but stumble upon an ad-ridden interface and poorly designed website where it’s difficult to locate your shopping cart or it takes multiple pages of to get to the purchase button, more often than not, you lose trust that the business in question will be able to securely handle your credit card details let alone deliver the product that was promised on their website in the timeline that they say they can.

To keep your online sales portal attractive and distinct, there are a few variables that you will want to focus on to ensure your success going forward.

Brand Your Products as a Service

Branding your items is more than slapping your logo onto your product picture. Your brand encompasses everything from the font choices you have on your splash page, to the colors your use on your product page. More importantly, your brand also entails how you speak to your customers. Every website under the sun has “buy now” or “add to shopping cart” on their product pages, and if you want your brand to stand out, consider thinking of how you would confirm a purchase with a customer if you were making the transaction in person. Consider terms that may be a little out of the box like “Indulge”, “Select an easier tomorrow”, or “Treat yourself” to help make your customer feel considered and closer to your brand. 

Ease of Access to Purchase

No one likes being shepherded around a website or having to waste time looking for how to purchase something if they already have it in mind that they want to buy your product, so make it easy to get to to the purchasing page off the bat. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind — if it takes more than three clicks, you’re doing it wrong. 

Be grateful

It can never be said enough, but showing gratitude to your customers goes a long way in building a relationship between them and your business. Too often we have terrible customer service experiences that put us off to ever considering purchasing anything from a provider again. The customers are literally where your bread gets buttered, so taking care of them through the process of purchasing your product, and showing genuine gratitude for their contribution to your success is of the utmost importance. You can do so with a heartfelt message, offering them a way to save money on future purchases, or even a public display thanking them personally on social media. There are infinite ways to show your customers you care, so be sure to take the time any do so whenever possible.