Designing For Use Cases

Great ideas that solve problems for consumers are ideal in the Consumer Packaged Goods space. There is often a better way to go about achieving an expected outcome. Whether it’s focusing on increasing the efficiency of the process, or it’s providing an aesthetically pleasing product, how consumers value goods always boils down to whether or not it solves their problem and it reflects how they want to have it resolved.

Defining Product Value

Designing to solve a consumer problem comes down to many factors. The main three points of emphasis are: efficiency (how fast the problem gets solved), durability (how long the product can be used), and consistency (how often the product can solve the problem during its lifecycle). If your design can solve a consumer problem quickly, consistently, and last the test of time, then the outcome of your efforts will establish its value with consumers above others on the market.

Empathetic Design

The majority of goods that are available have predecessors in the market. These products may have tackled a consumer problem well, but still left the market demanding something of better quality, easier to use, or, perhaps, longer lasting. Understanding what the market offers presently is key to understanding how your potential customers will view your product and help differentiate your product and brand.

Identifying Use Cases

Once you are able to identify what the market has to offer, and understand how consumers are using their purchases, it’s important to take into consideration all potential uses and the environments in which items will be used. Understanding that, while you may design something for the home, it may often be used near water, in the dark, or outside. These insights may allow you and your team to adjust the material selection, or create an environment specific variant of your design to mitigate any consumer distress and provide your business the opportunity to diversify its portfolio.


By understanding the big picture around the consumer’s potential product experience as a creator you must design to establish yourself as more than a solution and have your product brand become the solution. The more you are able to understand your consumers the better your integration into their lifestyles will be.

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