Client Feature: Jenni Kowal – Self Care Adventure Cards

With the world shifting away from the traditional model of working the 9 to 5, more companies are relying on remote workers and individuals are able to afford more time to focus on themselves and their lives. In focusing more on oneself, a rising industry has taken center stage and focuses on bettering the quality of life for anyone willing to invest time in themselves. Self-care, as it’s commonly known, is a deliberate participation in an activity that betters mental, emotional, and physical health. In an effort to help bring inspirational tools to a growing demographic, Jenni Kowal created the Self Care Adventure Cards to provide individuals with over 150 prompts that spark inspiration for the pursuit of self care anywhere, and any time, a user’s schedule may allow.

Jenni Kowal is a professional creative and founder of Anytime Creative, a coaching enterprise that supports her contemporaries in overcoming the various obstacles that get in the way of creativity and creation. In fostering and supporting the creative community, she designed and created a prototype of the Self Care Adventure Cards to serve as a tool that anyone could use to encourage the practice of self care.

The card deck, packaged in an elegant box, is broken up into five categories that allow a user to focus on an aspect of self care by purposefully selecting from a category, or shuffling the deck and drawing at random. The intention of having a card deck of motivational self care focused prompts is to get away from many of the strict regiments that counterintuitively may add stress to someone’s everyday life. Jenni’s elegant tool provides a solution for self care seekers that is entirely self driven by chance and allows choice for a user without imposing a single solution on how to practice self care.

Self Care Adventure Cards are a brilliant solution in a niche market, and with Jenni Kowal spearheading the effort to bring them to market, they are an exciting offering in a booming market segment. To gather financial support, she decided to crowdfund on Kickstarter to bring her vision and prototype to a community in need of her intuitive tool for self care. However, knowing that starting an endeavor would mean building out a supply chain, bolstering her digital presence, and managing fulfillment would be a 24/7 effort that would spread her too thin, she brought on Product Refinery to help her build an end-to-end supply chain and provide creative support to ensure the success of her campaign.

Working with Product Refinery was the exact thing I needed to get my Self Care Adventure Cards deck out into the Wild. They were so supportive in helping me shape my vision in all phases – planning, launching and producing the final product. I couldn’t have done it without them! 

– Jenni Kowal, Founder, Anytime Creative

By bringing Product Refinery on to her team, she has the opportunity to focus on what matters most with new endeavors, genuine direct engagement with her audience. At the end of the day, building and managing a supply chain for any product is a full time effort. Creatives need that time to ideate, develop, and create their vision. Moreover, Creatives need a team behind them to help them take care of the facets of their business that they simply don’t have the time or expertise to manage effectively and efficiently. By teaming up with Product Refinery, Jenni and her Self Care Adventure Cards are well on their way to exceed their goals on Kickstarter. With the support of the Product Refinery team, Jenni has the opportunity to grow her business by creating new product offerings, provide direct customer support, and expand her customer network without being encumbered by logistics and supply chain management.
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