Refining the Refinery


Lucas Williamson developed his first products when he was just 18 years old - a line of custom headgear and apparel for wrestling. In the process, his new embedded headgear designs transformed the wrestling gear and apparel marketplace.

With his second product, the Juiceboxx, Lucas not only successfully ran his first Kickstarter but also won the Ohio State University undergrad business plan competition the second year in a row.

His success with Juiceboxx propelled his team into product launch after product launch, taking his pure passion of bringing something from concept to market along with it.

He and his partners at the time went on to found a new company where Lucas continued to launch innovative products and technologies.

This experience allowed Lucas to join the creative team at Funded Today - one of the most successful crowdfunding marketing company in the world - where he spent two years designing dozens of Kickstarter campaigns and earning the title of senior designing shortly after his first year with the #27 fastest growing company in the US reported by Inc magazine in 2018.

Now at Product Refinery, Lucas has built up his expert team and worked with products that have made it on Shark Tank, coached entrepreneurs who found lasting success, and helped streamline development for new innovative ideas.

Over the last 10 years, Lucas has worked with clients from all over the world in over a dozen different countries and has shipped tens of thousands of products to well over 100 countries worldwide.